Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Real homemade wedding No. 1

At last our invites are finished, we just need to get them sent out now. I designed them and Matt and I printed them out at home. He sat for a whole day cutting them out (he's only missing a small part of his finger oops craft knives are sharp!) and I have spent a few evenings hole punching and tieing them together.  The edges may be a little rough but I think it adds to the rustic look we are going for.  It's been really nice to be able to make our own invites it really gives that homemade feel which is what our wedding is going to be all about. Have a go yourselves, if you can't draw you can always use fancy fonts and photo's to create a really personal invite, and you can make them look posh by using good quality paper stock. I would have liked to have used a thicker more textured paper but we are trying to keep costs to a minimum and plus we can spend more money on drinks!

We tried to use just a couple of colours to keep it simple - we are planning to create all the menu's and order of service and table plan papergoods in a similar style to help create a theme for our wedding. I will post those when they are finished (not that I have started them yet!) 

I will be posting weekly updates about our wedding plans - hopefully it will help some of you trying to plan your own wedding especially if your trying to do it all yourselves. We are very lucky to have some  amazingly talented friends who will be helping us along the way and I hope to showcase there talents a little bit in these posts. I would love to know what you think or if you have any homemade projects you are working on for your weddings - Nai

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