Thursday, 28 June 2012

Photography 01

Copyright Jose Villa

 I'm really excited to be introducing a new series to the blog all about my favourite thing... Photography! Every week I'll be writing about Wedding Photography, everything from my favourite Photographers to the nitty gritty of choosing the perfect person to capture your special day!

 To start off I'm going to look at various styles of Wedding Photography. Each and every photographer has their own unique way of capturing images depending on their personality and various other factors, so it's important to look around and make a decision based on what YOU like in a photograph. To make things simpler however there are these 'styles' I will be talking about.

 Starting with... Fine Art Photography

 Fine Art Photography is where the photographer will concentrate on the details of the Wedding and will turn each and every photograph into a work of art. It has a very romantic and painterly feel to it and is personally my favourite type of photography.

 An example of this style is the Photography by Jose Villa (my personal favourite!). He has such a serene and romantic style.

Copyright Jose Villa

 You can visit his blog here and his website here. Unfortunately he's based in America but I hear he travels! If I could save enough money and persuade him to come to the UK I'd definitely have him as my first choice (I'm sure I've got enough time!).

 So if you're having a romantic and feminine Wedding then search for fine art photographers as they will capture the day perfectly.

 Next week... Reportage Photography and my favourite Bristol based photographer!

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