Friday, 16 March 2012

Space 2

Today I thought I might try and create a more informative post about my work space. I recently posted about 'My studio' and whilst it looks all lovely and pretty, my boyfriend pointed out that instead of saying ooh look at my lovely space I should try and make it more interesting or helpful to people who are thinking about starting to work from home. So here goes...
Working from home is great, but you really need to try and get set up properly, by creating an environment that you love being in and find inspiring. I know not everyone has a lot of space, but there are ways to create a little area that feel good to work in.

1. A decent desk, that has enough space for you to fit everything you need without it all being on top of each other. I needed to have a desk with space for 2 computers and room to draw. My desk is from Ikea they have a huge range at really good prices. You can pick and choose what you want, I went for the trestle table legs which can be altered in height and also slightly angled for drawing. I selected the frosted glass top as it is huge and it looks really cool, (if you do have to have your desk in your lounge it's good to get something like glass as it keeps the space really light)

2. A cabinet for files - boring but essential, you could try second hand shops or Ikea (it's just so cheap). They also have excellent storage boxes if you want somthing a little more creative or mobile.

3. A really good light - a day light lamp is best if you are drawing or doing detailed work, I found a good one here. (it is also energy saving)

4. A decent chair - I really hurt my back recently and I've worked out it is the way I sit, which is all hunched over, not a good position. I still haven't got a proper chair yet so it is something I have been looking into. They are expensive but sometimes you can get ex - display chairs. I will let you know when I find a decent one.

5. Stationary - Pretty obvious really, but it can be really annoying if you don't have what you need to hand. A good list is in the Start your business week by week by Steve parks.

6. A computer with internet access - again obvious - but this is your way of staying in touch with people and your way of connecting with the big wide world. I use it for everything including drawing. I also use Skype to talk to my blog partner Nikki as we don't always get the chance to meet up in person so this is invaluable.

7. Somewhere to pin up your work or images and articles that inspire you - it's all part of making the space you work in every day a fun and exciting place. I like the idea of a mini washing line that you can peg things to, you can get really creative here plus it's a really fun thing to do! (and stops you doing proper work for a bit!)

8. Books - a little something to help you on your way to freelancing - I have 3 in particular that are like my bibles I may have mentioned them before; Start your business week by week by Steve parks. Creative Inc by meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho and Writers and Artists yearbook 2012. The internet is also a fantastic resource and don't forget to talk to real people in the flesh als, finding a like minded group you can drop into would be good. (one thing i'm not that good at and must work on.)

9. A good diary and calender - I would be lost without mine, good places for diaries are Paperchase and John Lewis.

10. Notebooks - You need plenty everywhere - I have a small one for my handbag, and one by the bedside ready to capture all those ideas that come to you at the oddest of times. Again Paperchase and John Lewis

11. Lastly but not least -  patience, perseverance and a positive attitude (something I really struggle with but am working on) a sense of humour and a good cup of tea.

Please comment if you have found this at all helpful or if you have any other hints and tips I would love to hear them - Nai


  1. Great and honest info. Just one question: what tea to put in the pot? Now that's very important. Early Grey for breakfast? Lady Grey for the afternoon? Or a hefty blend of good ol' builders' tea?


    1. Definitely a hefty blend of good ol'builder's tea any time of the day!

      Nai x