Friday, 9 December 2011

Fresh Friday

Fresh Friday is about posting things Nikki and I have been working on through the week. We would like do some joint projects mixing photography and Illustration where we hope to create some fun and inspiring pieces so watch this space! (hopefully we will find time soon)

As Nic mentioned in her last post we have been getting ourselves out there by creating twitter and facebook accounts, luckily for me she is good at all that stuff I just don't have a clue, so thanks to Nic you can check us out on the above links.

Talking of promotion this week I have been trying to promote Naomi Designs. I find this marketing business really difficult (I'd much rather sit and draw all day, but theirs not much point if there is no one to see it apart from me!) I have decided I need to send out some mail shots to various agencies, magazines, newspapers and card companies. I found the Writers and Artists yearbook 2012 incredibly useful, not only does it have fantastic advice on how to get started and be a successful freelancer, but it also has an up to date listing of agencies, magazines, newspapers, and card company contacts with all the details you need to send work out to.

My friend told me about  MailChimp which is an on line company offering email marketing and list managers. It's FREE to set up an account. You can choose from a number of templates to set up a mailshot that works for you. You can then input all your contact details and MailChimp will help organise your lists so you can then send out your mailshot. It looks very professional and is an instant way for people to view your work without having to download email attachments.

This is what I created (It takes time but you have to persevere) All I need to do now is input my lists and get them sent out! - Nai
Mailshot by mailchimp - Naomi Designs
The quality isn't fantastic as I had to print it and then scan it, as I couldn't download it from my email in the correct format, probably a good thing! It looks fantastic on email though.

P.S sorry for waffling, but I hope someone will find this useful!

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  1. Looks great Nay! I use Mailchimp too, although not as much as I're right it does take yonks!

    Niki x