Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Oh So... Inspired

This isn't an inspiration yet but it will be once I can lay my mits on it!

This book by Terry Richardson...

Both Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga are quite controversial figures but I do find them both inspiring. I did an essay on Terry Richardson for my degree and went from having a huge dislike for him to actually becoming quite inspired! I love how dedicated they are to their work and no bad critiques or bad press stop them from being who they are and doing what they love (and also doing it extremely well!).

I hope that myself and Naomi can be as successful as them at what we do by having such passion and commitment! (I'm starting to sound like I'm doing a speech!)

Check Terry out here. (Warning: Some work is quite explicit so beware!)

Gaga here.

And buy the book here.

(p.s. if anyone I know is reading this I would like it for Christmas!!) - Nic

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