Thursday, 5 July 2012

Real homemade wedding No.2


1. Where? We got engaged in The Gower at the top of a hill surrounded by beaches and sea. 
2. When? On my birthday last year (1st July 2011) at sunset.
3. Was it planned/expected? No in fact he didn't really know, we were having a picnic in this beautiful spot drinking champagne and apparently it seemed like the right moment! 
4. Did he already have a ring? No not a real one, but he did have a rubber ring in his bag that came with his 69er mountain bike and thought this was appropriate, it's orange made from rubber and has 69er written on it! Classy!
5. Were you disappointed that he didn't have a proper ring? No I was just so excited that we were getting engaged, it also meant I was lucky enough to select my own ring, I felt this was important as I will be wearing it for the rest of my life.
6. Where did you get the ring? We are lucky enough to have a really lovely and incredibly talented friend who is a jewellery designer and maker. Matt and I discussed ideas with her and then she went away and created the most perfect engagement ring. I love it and I love that all of us were involved in helping to design it. It means so much more to me than if Matt had just bought it from a shop, I'm sure I would of loved it, but it is just so special to have it made by someone as lovely as Jane.  You  can check out her website here.
Have you got any stories about how you got engaged we would love to here them? - Nai
Picture of Llangennith Beach the Gower taken by Tim Brayshaw

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