Thursday, 12 July 2012

Photography 02

 Reportage Photography

Copyright Jonathan Taphouse

 This week I'm looking at Reportage Photography. This type of photography is more of a documentation of your day rather than a focus on the fine features. This is great if you want to capture images of you and your guests enjoying the day in a really natural way.

 A great place to find examples of this photography is through the Wedding Photojournalist Association. There are links to each photographers website as well if you want to book!

Copyright Jonathan Taphouse

 The photographer I've featured today is Jonathan Taphouse. I discovered him whilst at college where my tutor mentioned that Jonathan was one practically the only professional photographer to capture the Bristol riots! 

 You can see his Wedding Photography here and he also does some incredible street photography which you can see on his flickr site here.

 I think you'll agree that his work is pretty beautiful!


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