Friday, 11 May 2012


If I had a letterpress, this is how I would do my wedding invites (I believe letterpress's are a little expensive!) I am addicted to the look of a letter-pressed invite, you could write anything have it letter-pressed and instantly you have a sophisticated looking design no matter what it says. 

The following is a definition of letter-press which I found on the Meticulous Ink website  in case you are wondering what it is: 'Letterpress: (Debossed) The earliest method of print with a press. An inked plate is pushed into board or paper, leaving an impression and the ink behind. This print method works best on soft, cotton papers, where a very deep impression can be achieved. Blind letterpress (without ink) can be very effective when used with bold type'

Check these lovely sites out for personalised letter-press wedding invites: 1. Meticulous Ink Fine Stationary  2. The Letter Press of Cirencester  3-5. Artcadia stationary company (the chicken one is for Nic as she is so obsessed with chicken's normal huh!)

Let me know if you find any other lovely little letter-press companies or if you happen to stumble across a letter-pressing machine - Nai

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