Monday, 6 February 2012

New Project!

Last week I went on some work experience in a photography studio and one of the photographers gave me an idea for a project to keep me motivated and get in some practise. So every week I am going to be picking a word randomly from the dictionary and photographing something that relates to that word and this week it's combat!

 Rough ideas so far are:
  • Fashion - thinking about military and combat fashion
  • Street Photography - trying to photograph arguments/ fights in the street (this could be down to pure luck!)
  • Portrait Photography - My brother was in the army and had many portraits in his uniform so I could replicate something like this (maybe get the boyfriend involved much to his dislike!)
That's all I've got so far but if you have any ideas then leave a comment they'd be much appreciated! The photo has to be done by Sunday so will post it when it's done!

- Nic

p.s. I've been working on some new templates for our posts so our layouts should hopefully start to look pretty slick!

Photo's found here (top left) and here (top right) others are mine.

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