Wednesday, 29 February 2012

 So I wanted to post this yesterday but I wasn't too sure about the layout and colours and stuff and wanted to take another look with a fresh mind and... I'm still not sure but hey ho it's worth getting out there and working on slowly!

 My idea with my 'blog club' post is to share other blogs that really inspire me. I constantly look at my favourite blogs and then check out the blogs those bloggers love and the ones those bloggers love and so on and so forth!

 I wanted to start out with my most favourite blog and the one I check without fail every single day Design Love Fest. I've done a mini write up above which I'll do with every one so have a read.

 Hopefully my inspiration will inspire you and we can spread the love!

 If you have a blog you love or even your own blog you think I'd love then let me know! I've got loads lined up (I'm a tad obsessed) but I have ALWAYS got time to read other blogs!

 Happy reading and blogging!

- Nic

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