Friday, 20 January 2012

Logo's and Letters

Nikki and I are thinking of redesigning our logo and blog. I have been looking at logo's and Fonts to try and inspire me. We have both decided that we love the look of printed letters using rubber stampers. Once we have created our new logo we would love to make our own stamp.

I was looking on Oh Joy which I must admit I do quite a lot (I just love everything she posts!).  I found a post she had done about a lovely little company and guess what they sell a kit that you can design and make your own rubber stamp, how cool is that!  They are called 'The yellow Owl Workshop' and you can find details here.

Whilst looking on 100 Layer Cake (it's a wonder I get any work done)  I found these lovely invitations designed by the brides sister Tracy White Taylor you can find details here. I love the style and the colouring.  I can't wait to get our new design sorted it's very exciting watch this space. - Nai

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