Monday, 12 December 2011

Market Monday!

 Naomi and I have been planning our business and so far we feel our blog's doing really well. We've finally got ourselves onto Twitter and Facebook so the next steps are opening an online shop, and then next year have a small exhibition to show off our blog and the work that we've been doing. 

 Through looking at various blogs we've come across a great online marketplace for creatives called Etsy. It's a fab site and the commission they earn on your work is minimal, so perfect for us to start off with until we are big enough to have our own website (and eventually real life shop!).

 So my post is a little twist on Market Monday and I'm going to share a few of my favourite items!

A cool mixed media vintage look print of Paris...
Find it here!

A cute yoda dog costume that I would DEFINITELY BUY if I had a dog!
Find here!

Some gorgeous simple gold necklaces that I would love for Christmas (hint hint to someone I know!)...

 This is just a small handful of things I've spotted but there are loads of cool items to buy! Check it out here and maybe set up your own little online market 'stall'!

 We'll let you know when we've opened ours! - Nic

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