Friday, 16 December 2011

Fresh Friday

Today I have been finishing off my commission for Total Guitar magazine, and not really doing a lot else, apart from mundane paperwork and organising of my books. I then got to thinking about next year and getting organised for that, I really need to get a calender. The trouble is I am very fussy about calenders I can never find one's I really love.  I have seen some lovely designs on the Oh Joy blog, they are really simple but very effective.

2012 calender from the Indigo Bunting shop seen on Oh Joy!

So I decided to have a go at making my own illustrated calender,  I have written out all the months, days and numbers and scanned them into photoshop, I have then added some artwork of mine and I will add different images for each month. I can now either print out and scribble on it or edit it each day in photoshop. I will try and do one each month, let me know what you think and maybe have ago at making your own - Nai

January 2012
Naomi Designs

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