Monday, 14 November 2011

Market Monday!

Yesterday I went to visit Naomi in the Pop Up Shop! There was a lot of inspiring work in there and Naomi's looked great!

Made in Bristol Pop Up Shop

So for my market find I bought one of Naomi's fabulous cards. 

I bought this one!

Along with cards Naomi had various prints for sale framed and unframed. I've got my eye on one particular print so I really hope Nai hasn't sold it!! Once I've bought it I'll let you see!

Prints by Naomi Designs

Some of Nai's framed work on the wall!

The rest of the shop filled with crafty bits n' bobs.

I really had to resist buying lots of things as there were so many great crafty pieces by lots of talented people. Naomi's was my favourite of course!! 

To see some more of Nai's work go here and for more info on the Pop Up shop go here. - Nic

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