Monday, 21 November 2011

As it is Market Monday I will mention a market I really love. With Christmas fast approaching it 's  a great place to visit for exciting crafty gifts. It's in Bath and is called The Bath Christmas Market! It's definitely a market that will get you in the Christmas spirit, there is something very warm and mince piey about it! I bought a lovely bag a few years ago and can't wait to go and look again. I won't do what my boyfriend and I did last time which was turn up just as it was closing as we didn't think to check times. So when you check out the site don't forget to look at opening times!  enjoy - Nai

Also what do you think about the new Market Monday layout? I think it still needs work i'll keep trying - watch this space! (also I haven't shown Nikki yet oops, but I was just excited to try it out!

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