Friday, 4 November 2011

Fresh Friday!

 So I promised some examples of some of my own portraits for Fresh Friday this week and here they are...

First up is the classic headshot you know those ones actors/tresses send out? They're so cheesy but this was just messing around with a friend and it's one to put in the portfolio!

My type of photography is a more fun and less perfect shot. I'm not a huge fan of technically perfect photography. I love shooting on old film or using old digital cameras that only work sometimes with the knowledge that some photos will be totally unusable but amongst them you'll find some crackers!

 I'm not much of a portrait photographer really but as one of my favourite photographers is a portrait one I wanted to add a couple of my own! 

I should also be able to show you those new wedding photographs I've just shot for the next Fresh Friday and some from Nai's pop up shop and the exhibition she's been part of which I can't wait to go and see! - Nic

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