Friday, 28 October 2011

Fresh Friday!

Hooray it's Friday, Friday is all about posting work or projects that we have been working on all week.
This week I have entered a competition called Resolution, the only rules were that you had to use the oval template to create your image. The competition is being hosted by Ink-Dot and if I'm successful my image with be displayed with other competition entries at the Glass Room in Colston Hall  throughout November and December.  Watch this space to see if I get through - Nai

Here is my entry it's about new year resolutions- enjoy
"New Year Resolutions"
Naomi Hocking
I also thought I would share some of my little sketches from my sketch book, these are quick sketches at cafe's where Nikki and I go to get inspiration.

The Better Food Company cafe
Naomi - sketches
Coffe1 on Gloucester Rd
Naomi - sketches

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