Thursday, 27 October 2011

Crafty fox

My impression of a crafty fox!

Crafty fox is about us being crafty. Now this isn't my strong point - I'm too impatient to make crafty things!  So for my post today I thought I would show you an image of my Christmas market stall 2010, it's full of cards and prints all handmade by me and as cratfy as I've got so far!
I will also be selling new cards for this Christmas at Cabot Circus in November in a pop up shop called Made In Bristol check out their blog for more details

My Christmas market stall 2010
I promise I will be trying out some more crafty things to share with you, especially as I am getting married next year and will need to make a lot of the decorations to save pennies (hopefully Nikki will be able to help me with this!) - Nai

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